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Best Facial Salon in Dubai

As a beauty salon, Bijis outnumber all of its contemporary standees but alongside elite and adorable services, Bijis is at its best because of high standard blushing styles. Since its inception it has been known for an excellent beauty salon that has everything that a customer needs for being beautiful.
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Best waxing and threading salon in Dubai

Coping up with the most flattering aesthetic outlooks, Bijis eye never misses a beauty insight. Being the Best Waxing And Threading Salon In Dubai, Bijis is a caring force that must not be overlooked. At its peak, Bijis delved into the best beauty practises to satisfy any customer.
Starting from AED 45


Eyelash Extension in Dubai

For glamour and aesthetics, protruding Eyelash Extension is a renowned solutive. Bijis is one complete package of all types of aesthetic solutions. Whether you are suffering from ordinary hair depilation or you might be facing acne prone skin tissues, Bijis has everything that fits your needs.
Starting from AED 180


Hair Salon Services In Dubai

Best hair salons in Dubai - Associated with Biji Ladies Beauty Salon, we are one of the leading and Best hair salons in Dubai. We provide a wide range of services which are available at very affordable prices. We always use fantastic makeup products that never harm your skin. If you are looking for a top hair salon in Dubai then we can say that Biji Ladies Beauty Salon is the right place that fulfills your dreams by providing you with amazing looks.
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All superb aesthetic treatments and outlets come downstairs to a one complete salon podium that fixes all the beauty issues. Entire beauty industry and it's experts produce their unwavering efforts to refurbish Makeup styles and processing. As a global beauty treatment endeavour regimen, Bijis is an excellence par parlance that needs no introduction. Bijis top category make up features the highest level of rouges and creams that are apparently impossible to assume.
Starting from AED 375


Massage Home Service In Dubai

Body Massage is a spectacular aesthetic treatment for both male and females. However, when we talk about Home Massage Service there is a blend of deep interest because of its independence. Since the horizons of body massage services are far and wide people have intense choices between them. From profound tissue massages to fragrance-based treatment meetings, we have something for everybody.
Starting from AED 100


Nail Salon Service

Nail care is part of your daily body care. Since Bijis has experts of aesthetics in every niche they offer what you might not know. At Bijis Nail Salon Services are exclusive for their customers because they enhance more care and cute looks. All the premium nail care stuff is used in the nail salon services which are meant merely for customers comfort.
Starting from AED 120