Best waxing and threading salon in Dubai

Best waxing and threading salon in Dubai - In the bustling city of Dubai, where beauty standards are set high and the demand for first-class grooming administrations is steadily increasing, finding the ideal salon that takes special care of all your waxing and threading needs can be a daunting errand. Nonetheless, settled in the core of this lively city is a diamond that stands out from the rest — Biji Ladies Beauty Salon. In this blog, we set out on a trip to investigate why Biji Ladies Beauty Salon has secured the respected title of the best waxing and threading salon in Dubai. Biji Ladies Beauty Salon is point of fact the best waxing and threading salon in Dubai. With their huge number of services, experienced professionals, and commitment to cleanliness and wellbeing, they offer an unparalleled beauty experience. If you have any desire to find out about services and book your appointment then call us at +971529770786 or you can likewise think of


Full Body

Full-body waxing provides a comprehensive, hair-free experience, leaving you with silky-smooth skin from head to toe for ultimate confidence.

AED 350



Brazilian waxing leaves you completely hair-free in the intimate area, offering a smooth, clean, and confident experience.

AED 130



Underarm waxing delivers smooth and hair-free armpits, ensuring a clean and confident feel for any outfit or occasion.

AED 40



Bikini waxing tidily removes unwanted hair along the bikini line, providing a clean and comfortable option for swimwear confidence

AED 80


Full Face

Full-face waxing offers complete facial hair removal, ensuring a smooth, hair-free complexion and a radiant, confident appearance.

AED 80


Lips & Eyebrows

Lip and eyebrow waxing provides precise hair removal, enhancing your facial features and leaving you with a polished and groomed look

AED 30



Backside waxing removes unwanted hair from the lower back and buttocks area, ensuring a clean and smooth appearance for confidence.

AED 70


Full Leg

Full-leg waxing ensures hair-free and silky-smooth legs from the thighs down to the ankles, offering lasting beauty and confidence.

AED 90


Half Leg

Half-leg waxing targets hair removal from either the upper or lower leg, giving you smooth, hair-free skin where you want it most.

AED 50


Full Arm

Full-arm waxing covers from shoulder to wrist, providing a comprehensive hair removal solution for smooth, long-lasting, and beautiful results.

AED 85


Half Arm

Half-arm waxing removes hair from the elbow to wrist, ensuring smooth and hair-free skin in a convenient and precise treatment.

AED 45

Detailed Waxing Services at Biji Ladies Beauty Salon

We should investigate the different waxing services presented by Biji Ladies Beauty Salon and their separate costs:
  1. Full Body Wax - AED 350
The full body wax is a definitive answer for smooth and sleek skin from head to toe. This complete assistance includes waxing of the legs, arms, underarms, bikini region, and back. priced at AED 350, it offers a superb incentive for cash considering the broad inclusion and the great administration.
  1. Brazilian Wax - AED 130
A Brazilian wax is ideally suited for people who favor a spotless and smooth finish in the bikini region. At Biji Ladies Beauty Salon, the Brazilian wax is performed with absolute attention to detail to guarantee minimal distress and the greatest outcomes. This assistance is valued at AED 130.
  1. Underarms Wax - AED 40
Express farewell to underarm hair with the underarms wax administration. This speedy and productive treatment guarantees smooth underarms, ideal for those sleeveless days. priced at just AED 40, it's a reasonable method for maintaining your grooming routine.
  1. Bikini Wax - AED 80
For a clean and slick bikini region, settle on the bikini wax administration. It's less broad than a Brazilian wax yet at the same time offers phenomenal outcomes. The bikini wax is priced at AED 80, making it a savvy decision for ordinary maintenance.
  1. Full Face Wax - AED 80
Accomplish a perfect tone with the full face wax administration. This treatment eliminates undesirable beard growth, leaving your skin smooth and prepared for cosmetics application. The full face wax is accessible for AED 80.
  1. Lips and Eyebrows Wax - AED 30
For exact and consummate eyebrows, combined with smooth lips, the lips and eyebrows wax administration is great. This fast treatment is priced at AED 30 and guarantees you look clean and very well prepared.
  1. Back Wax - AED 70
The back wax service is ideal for removing undesirable hair from the back region. A phenomenal decision for those who need a smooth back for wearing low-back outfits. This service is priced at AED 70.
  1. Full Leg Wax - AED 90
Prepare for smooth and sans-hair legs with the full-leg wax service. This treatment covers the whole leg region and is priced at AED 90, ensuring dependable perfection.
  1. Half Leg Wax - AED 50
For people who need simply the lower or upper piece of their legs waxed, the half-leg wax service is great. It's a helpful and reasonable choice, priced at AED 50.
  1. Full Arm Wax - AED 85
Accomplish smooth and velvety arms with the full arm wax service. This treatment covers the whole arm region and is priced at AED 85, providing an exhaustive and lasting outcome.
  1. Half Arm Wax - AED 45
If you just need the lower or upper piece of your arms waxed, the half-arm wax service is great. Priced at AED 45, it offers a speedy and viable answer for hair-free arms.

Experience Premium Threading Services

Notwithstanding their extraordinary waxing services, Biji Ladies Beauty Salon is likewise eminent for its exact and delicate threading services. Threading is an old hair expulsion method that is ideally suited for touchy skin and gives exact outcomes, particularly for beard growth.
  1. Eyebrow Threading
The gifted professionals at Biji Ladies Beauty Salon succeed in eyebrow threading, creating impeccably formed temples that supplement your facial highlights. This service is performed with fastidious scrupulousness, ensuring a characteristic and delightful outcome.
  1. Upper Lip Threading
For individuals who favor threading over waxing for the upper lip region, Biji Ladies Beauty Salon offers a fast and proficient upper lip threading service. This strategy is delicate on the skin and eliminates even the finest hairs.
  1. Full Face Threading
Achieve a smooth and sans-hair face with the full face threading service. This exhaustive treatment covers the sanctuary, eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, and chin, providing a perfect finish.

Why Choose Biji Ladies Beauty Salon?

Biji Ladies Beauty Salon isn't simply one more beauty salon in Dubai; it is a safe space where you can unwind and indulge yourself with the finest waxing and threading services. The following are two or three defenses for why Biji Ladies Beauty Salon should be your top choice:
  • Experienced Professionals: The salon values having a group of exceptionally talented and experienced beauty professionals who are devoted to providing the best help conceivable. They are trained in the most recent strategies and utilize the greatest items to guarantee an agreeable and powerful treatment.
  • Hygiene and Safety: At Biji Ladies Beauty Salon, hygiene is a first concern. The salon sticks to severe hygiene standards, ensuring that all devices and hardware are entirely disinfected. This obligation to cleanliness ensures a protected and charming experience for all clients.
  • Comprehensive Services: Whether you want a full body wax or a fast eyebrow threading, Biji Ladies Beauty Salon offers a great many services to meet all your beauty needs. Our menu includes everything from full body waxing to particular facial threading services.
  • Affordable Luxury: Biji Ladies Beauty Salon accepts that luxury ought to be open to everybody. They offer their exceptional services at serious costs, making it workable for you to partake in a sumptuous beauty treatment without breaking the bank.

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