Welcome to our exclusive gel and poly gel nail salon, where innovation and artistry unite to create nail perfection. Our salon is a haven for those who seek not only exquisite nails but also the utmost in durability and style. Our team of highly skilled and passionate nail technicians is dedicated to delivering top-tier nail enhancements. We understand that Gel extensions for nails are more than just a fashion statement; they are an expression of your unique personality. That’s why we take pride in offering an array of services tailored to meet your desires. Hygiene and safety are paramount in our salon. We maintain the strictest cleanliness standards, using only premium gel and polygel products, and following industry best practices to ensure your nails remain healthy and strong. As you step into our welcoming space, you’ll be surrounded by a creative and inspiring ambiance. Whether you prefer the sleek elegance of gel nails or the versatility of poly gel, our experts will collaborate with you to craft nails that complement your style flawlessly. Indulge in the transformative potential of Gel extension for nails, from natural-looking extensions to intricate designs. We are committed to providing an experience that leaves you feeling confident, chic, and utterly satisfied. Visit our gel and poly gel nail salon to discover a world of nail artistry and longevity. Your unique vision is our mission, and we’re excited to make your nail dreams a reality.


Gel Extension Removal

Experience gentle and meticulous Gel Extension Removal, ensuring the health and beauty of your natural nails for your next stunning manicure

AED 120


Gel Extension Repair

Safely and professionally repair Gel Extensions, preserving the integrity of your natural nails and preparing them for a fresh manicure.

AED 30 / Nail


Gel overlay Natural

Elevate your natural nails with a protective and glossy Gel Overlay, enhancing their beauty and strength for a stunning finish.

AED 250


Polygel Extension

Experience nail perfection with Polygel extensions. Lightweight, durable, and customizable, they offer a stunning, natural look that lasts.

AED 350


Gel Extension Natural

Enhance your natural nails with strong, flexible, and stunning gel extensions, achieving a flawless and long-lasting manicure.

AED 300

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