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Best makeup artist in Dubai - In the stunning city of Dubai, where each corner exudes luxury and glamor. Finding the Best makeup artist in Dubai can be a mission in itself. Amid the clamoring roads and transcending high rises, one name shines bright in the realm of beauty- Biji Ladies Beauty Salon. Assuming you're looking for the enchanted touch that changes faces into masterpieces, look no further. Biji Ladies Beauty Salon is your door to perfect beauty experiences in the core of Dubai. We are here to provide the best party makeup and satisfy our clients. Quality is paramount when it comes to makeup. This is why Busy Ladies Beauty Salon uses only the finest products from trusted brands. From luxurious foundation to shimmering eyeshadow and lipstick, each product is carefully chosen to ensure a flawless finish that lasts all day and night. To grab this opportunity here are the contact details of our salon, directly give us a call at +971529770786 or you can also write us an email at


Light Makeup

Light makeup enhances your natural beauty, giving you a fresh and effortless look for any occasion. Discover your radiant glow.

45 Min
AED 375


Party Makeup

Elevate your party look with our expert makeup services, ensuring you shine and stand out at every celebration. Glamour awaits!

60 Min
AED 499


Glam Makeup

Transform into a stunning sensation with our glam makeup services, perfect for red carpets, galas, or any event where you dazzle.

90 Min
AED 799


Baby Shower Makeup

Radiate joy and beauty at your baby shower with our makeup services, enhancing your natural glow for this special occasion.

60 Min
AED 499


Bridal Makeup

Elevate your bridal beauty with our expert makeup services, ensuring you radiate elegance and confidence on your special day.

120 Min
AED 1499

Experience the Magic of Makeup

At Busy Ladies Beauty Salon, every makeup session is an opportunity to transform dreams into reality. Here's a detailed look at our signature makeup remedies:

1. Light Makeup 

Ideal for people who want an unpretentious upgrade for everyday elegance, our Light Makeup treatment is a speedy and proficient method for accomplishing a clean look. Whether it's for a relaxed trip or an expert occasion, our talented makeup artists will carefully upgrade your elements, leaving you looking easily brilliant. Priced at AED 375, this 45-minute treatment is great for those looking for a dash of style without the quarrel.

2. Party Makeup

At the point when now is the right time to blow some people's minds and say something, our Party Makeup treatment is your go-to choice. Designed to captivate consideration and radiate certainty, this 60-minute session  will leave you feeling like the beauty queen. Whether you're going to a stylish soirée or an enthusiastic festival, our lord makeup artists will fit the desire to suit your solitary style, promising you staggering the whole night.Estimated at AED 499, enjoy the advantage of impeccable beauty that orders consideration.

3. Glam Makeup 

For those unique events that request nothing not as much as flawlessness, our Glam Makeup treatment vows to convey the exemplification of glamor and complexity. From honorary pathway occasions to lavish celebrations, this 90-minute session is designed to cause you to feel like a genuine star. With careful meticulousness and accentuation on extravagance, our capable makeup artists will make a look that is out and out show-halting. Priced at AED 799, enjoy a definitive beauty experience that radiates lavishness and charm.

4. Baby Shower Makeup

Celebrate the joy of parenthood in style with our Baby Shower Makeup treatment. Whether you're the sparkling mother-to-be or a cherished guest, our 60-minute session will guarantee you look and feel brilliant on this unique day. From delicate pastels to sensitive tints, Biji Ladies Beauty Salon makeup artists will make a look that supplements the cheerful event, leaving you feeling delightful and sure. Valued at AED 499, embrace the charm of parenthood with a dash of class and effortlessness.

5. Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the main days of your life, and Biji Ladies Beauty Salon grasps the meaning of looking and feeling your very best. Our bridal makeup service is intended to mirror your interesting style and character, whether you're imagining a work of art, heartfelt look or an intense, popular outfit. With meticulous attention and a flawless guarantee flawlessly, Biji Ladies Beauty Salon guarantees that you stroll down the passageway with certainty and effortlessness. Price of our bridal makeup is AED 1499 and we complete your makeup in 120 minutes.

Why Pick Biji Ladies Beauty Salon for Makeup Services in Dubai?

Biji Ladies Beauty Salon is one of the Most outstanding makeup artist in Dubai. We also provide home salon services for our clients. Biji Ladies Beauty Salon is one of Dubai's chief locations for makeup services for a few convincing reasons:

1. Talent: 

Our group is known for our imagination, accuracy, and capacity to fit makeup and hopes Ladies Beauty Salon brags some of the most skilled and experienced makeup salons to improve every client's unique features.

2. Diverse Services: 

Whether you're searching for a natural, regular look or a glamorous makeover for a special event, Biji Ladies Beauty Salon offers a diverse scope of makeup services to suit every need and preference.

3. Quality Products: 

We utilize superior-grade, premium makeup products from believed brands, guaranteeing that your makeup looks dazzling as well as enduring throughout the constantly without truly hurting any of your skin.
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Name - Biji Ladies Beauty Salon Address - Al Amal St – Business Bay – Dubai Phone no. -  +971529770786 Email id -

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